When we think of family meal times, chances are you have a weekly or fortnightly meal roster which includes a couple of meat and chicken options, along with an occasional fish and take away meal. What is less likely to appear is a prawn-based meal, even though Australian Tiger Prawns are one of the most nutrient dense, protein rich seafood options you can find. So, if you love Aussie prawns, but need some more ideas on ways to include them on your meal planner a little more frequently, look no further.


  1. They are a rich source of protein

With just 5-6 large Aussie Tiger Prawns offering more than 20g of protein, for as few as 20 prawns you can create a protein rich, family friendly meal with a similar amount of good quality protein per person as you would find in a fillet of steak or chicken breast.

  1. They offer much needed Omega-3 fat

With few Australian’s reaching their recommended daily intake of Omega-3 fat, a serve of prawns is not only low in fat overall but offers these special fats which have a powerful anti-inflammatory role in the body. This can be exceptionally helpful when you are trying to get little humans to eat more fish, and they will happily tuck into some fresh or crumbed Tropic Co Aussie Tiger prawns.

  1. They are nutrient rich

It is not only protein that prawns are choc full of but a wide range of essential nutrients that are not found in that many other foods including Vitamin B12 and zinc to support immune function, magnesium for healthy muscles, Vitamin E and the antioxidant selenium.

  1. They are easy to cook

Forget a lot of preparation, Aussie green Tropic Co Tiger Prawns can be cooked in literally 2-3 minutes. All you need to do is peel them (if preferred) and lightly sauté in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and voila, they will be ready in a few mere minutes.

  1. They can be added to so many recipes

Whether pizza, pasta, salad or a BBQ grill is your family’s thing, Aussie green Tropic Co Tiger prawns can be added for a protein boost to any of your favourite family recipes, with minimal preparation. My family’s favourite go-to is a light but creamy prawn pasta for the adults and the kids love BBQ prawn and vegie skewers, especially when they help make them!

  1. They can be cost effective

While seafood is generally considered an expensive protein of choice, since you need just a few prawns per person to reap all of the nutritional benefits, or just 300-400g to add to a risotto, pasta or pizza meal, the cost of prawns is similar to that of lean red meat which means they can be enjoyed regularly without blowing out the family food budget.

  1. They are easy to find

Prawns are easily accessible nowadays, whether you love to go on a leisurely stroll at the Sunday market fishmonger or go for a quick shop at your local supermarket, you can locate Tropic Co Aussie Tiger Prawns in the freezer or deli making it an easy addition to your weekly shop.

  1. They are great for the immune system

With the mix of zinc and selenium, Australian Tiger Prawns tick the box on several key nutrients that are intricately involved in immune function. This makes them a smart nutritional choice, especially throughout the cooler months of the year.

  1. They are convenient

Forget having to buy and store fresh seafood, Aussie Tropic Co Green Tiger prawns can easily be frozen and then kept on hand to utilise whenever you need a quick and easy meal in a hurry.

  1. They taste great

Prawn lovers will know that any time is a good time to indulge a little and enjoy the light, delicious taste that is Aussie shellfish, especially our home-grown Tiger prawns. And even better, they are a food the kids also tend to like, thanks to their bright colour, subtle flavour and that they can so readily be made into kid friendly dishes such as pizza, skewers and pasta meals, it makes prawn based meals a win-win for parents and kids alike.