Prawns are known as one of summer’s simple pleasures. Warm weather, cooked Tiger prawns, your favorite cocktail sauce and a cold beverage; it doesn’t get better that that.  But as the weather starts getting cooler, you will find raw prawns are so versatile and a fantastic healthy addition to any meal. Snap Frozen Raw Tiger prawns are a sure-fire way to have them all year round, “How to cook raw prawns” is one of the most frequent searches on the web; this guide will go through key techniques to cook with raw prawns and how to incorporate it to familiar recipes that will be a favorite staple even in summer!


First off, the most common question asked is how to thaw or defrost Raw frozen Tiger prawns?

Try this simple and easy process with a little preparation a head of time, the night prior place your frozen prawns in an airtight container in the fridge (ideally between 0-4 degrees C). They will thaw overnight and be ready to use for dinner, just note to use them within 48 hours .

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Here are 5 cooking methods to try when cooking with raw Tiger prawns

 Cooking raw prawns in their shell 

Whole raw prawns offers the most flavorful option for cooking, the juices from the head will give your dish a deep prawn flavored punch. Try grilling or pan frying and marinating the raw prawns to enjoy a tasty finger licking dining experience.

Why not try Zipper back prawn? As the name suggest this leaves the prawn with a zipper like opening for easy peeling. Twist the head of your prawn, then using scissors or a sharp knife make a shallow cut down the back of the prawn shell. Remove the vein and your prawn is ready to marinate, try and infuse prawn with your favorite herbs, garlic and lime zest and stuffing them in between the shell and the meat. This will be a great flavor boost and leaving the shell on helps to lock in the juices! For a flavorful base, you can’t go past our Chimichurri marinate recipe

Cooking raw prawns in the oven

Yes you can cook prawns in the oven and it’s super easy and quick!. Roasting prawns is a fantastic way to cook them and the best part is that you can set and forget, which is perfect for entertaining or a midweek meal. Try our roasted garlic and lime whole Tiger prawns ready in less than 30mins. Oven roasted garlic and lime whole Tiger prawn – Tropic Co

Cooking raw prawns in a pan

Once head and shell are removed, why not try cutting your prawn up into pea size pieces to fool any seafood fearing family members into loving prawn. Prawn meat is a wonderful way to add flavour and offer value, you do not need as many of them for a prawn hit. For a quick meal why not sauté prawn meat in a frying pan with garlic, chilli, and good quality olive oil, and toss with spaghetti. For recipe try Chilli Prawn Spaghetti

Alternatively try butterflied prawns, start with a cutlet then using a sharp knife slowly score down the back of the prawn, not piercing all the way through the meat to create a butterfly. Butterflied prawns cooks super quickly and are perfect for grilling or in a pan, crumbing, soups even on top of pizza. They curl into a butterfly making a pretty addition to any meal, with half the cooking time this is a great option when you are time poor or just cannot wait to eat your prawns!

Poaching raw prawns

Prawn cutlets are the most versatile technique in preparing prawns with the head and shell removed leaving the tail. Follow this easy 2 steps method on peeling prawns. Twist, Hold the prawn, body in one hand, head in the other and twist off the head. Peel, Hold the body, grasp as many legs as you can between your thumb and the base of your index finger, then peel under and away. This should lift off the major sections of the shell as well as the legs. Leave the tail intact to create a makeshift handle! The easiest way to remove the vein is with a knife. Ideal for pan frying or popping into a curry or stir-fry. Try out Thai inspired coconut curry. Tiger Prawn, pineapple and lychee Thai red curry – Tropic Co

BBQ raw prawns

BBQ prawns are an easy cook and such a Aussie ritual ! Try cooking with the shell on, this will add a lot of flavor and moisture by locking in the juices. The trick to cooking whole prawns on the BBQ is ensure that they are not overcooked. It is best to  grill them for 5-6 minutes on a medium to high heat depending on the size of the prawns, turning half way or until your Tiger prawns turn a bright vibrant orange color.  If you don’t wish to serve your prawns with the shells on, you can also cook pre-peeled prawns on the BBQ just adjust the cooking time, as they will cook quicker !  

Once you have BBQ’d you prawns why not try this Asian dipping sauce for a zesty and spicy hit


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