Listeriosis is an illness usually caused by eating food containing the listeria bacteria, this bacteria is widely distributed in the environment and can grow in food at refrigeration temperatures. Most people who are exposed to Listeria will develop none or only mild symptoms.

Those at increased risk of illness include pregnant women, their unborn babies, newborn babies, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Those people in high risk groups should avoid eating foods that have a higher risk of listeria contamination which includes ready to eat cooked prawns, as well as a range of other common foods.

It is important that food is handled, prepared and stored safely and eaten within the use by date.

For more information visit the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

Prawns love to eat! And eat often. They’d eat 24 hours a day if they could.

We currently feed our prawns every 4 hours, however we are trialling our new smart farming technology, which measures when the prawns are hungry and feeds on demand and will result in bigger prawns.

Prawn feed is made up of fishmeal, cereal grains, vegetable proteins, krill meal and a range of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Feed is specifically designed to mimic what prawns would naturally consume in the wild and developed for a diet designed to deliver superior performance.  Ingredients are sourced from quality manufacturers with approved sustainability accreditations.

It’s all in the feelers!

Feelers are prawn antennas, the little whiskers that come off the prawn heads. Wild prawns have long stripy feelers whilst farmed prawns a vibrant and full in colour.

Twist, Peel and Enjoy!

  1. Twist – Hold the prawn, body in one hand, head in the other and twist off the head.
  2. Peel – Hold the body, grasp as many legs as you can between your thumb and the base of your index finger, then peel under and away. This should lift off the major sections of the shell as well as the legs.
  3. Enjoy!

Just like us Tiger Prawns come in all different shapes and sizes!

They’re graded by how many prawns there are per pound. The easy way to work out home many prawns per kilo, is to simply double the grade.


SMALL 31-40/lb = 68-88/kg

MEDIUM 21-30/lb = 46-66/kg

LARGE 16-20/lb = 35-44/kg

X-LARGE 10-15/lb = 22-34/kg

JUMBO U10 = <22/kg


So the smaller the number, the bigger the prawn!

Our Farms are located across the Queensland and northern New South Wales coasts with Australia’s largest farm located in Gregory River, near Proserpine. The farm draws natural sea water from the beautiful Gregory River, which is fed from Edgecumbe Bay, a very oceanic water supply with little agricultural or urban development.


No! Despite some prawns being sold as “sashimi grade” you should always cook prawns before eating or even better, buy them already cooked.

Prawns change colour when they’re cooked as the pigments react to heat! Tiger prawns will change from their darker state to a vibrant reddish-orange.


The time it takes for a prawn to develop from an egg through to an adult prawn is 7 months.

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