Did you know tiger prawns aren’t always orange in colour? That only occurs as they’re cooked. Tiger prawns in their raw state are a black-green translucent colour then as they are cooked their colour changes – like magic.

Raw prawns may also be referred to as ‘green prawns’, a name that reflects their flesh colour while raw. Standing out for the crowd, our raw black tiger prawns live up to their name with their dark black-green colour. In contrast, banana and king raw prawns are a lighter green or yellow colour. While raw tiger prawns may look different to what you’re used to seeing in the supermarket cabinet, come to the dark side and give them a go – you won’t regret it!

As per the name, the difference between raw and cooked prawns is that one is raw and the other is cooked. As raw prawns should be cooked before consumption they offer more opportunity to be used in a variety of different ways whilst usually cooked prawns are eaten cold as they are or added as an ingredient to a finished meal.

What makes raw tiger prawns so good is their ability to retain flavour, texture, and taste when cooked, meaning they can be used in many ways.  Cooked either in their shell or without, raw prawns can be BBQ’d, poached or thrown in to cook with any of your favourite meals. Raw tiger prawns have the most delicious taste – sweet with an incredible depth of flavour.

Preparing raw tiger prawns uses the same technique as cooked prawns; twist off the head, grab the body and legs, peel off the shell and finally pinch off the tail. Your raw prawn meat will then be ready to cook how you wish.

Depending on the dish, you might like to try:

Prawn cutlets – As above but leave on the tail. Great for presentation and no cutlery required. Try this in our chilli prawn spaghetti recipe. https://tropicco.com.au/recipes/chilli-prawn-spaghetti/

Butterflied prawns – Start with a cutlet, then using a sharp knife slowly score down the back of the prawn, not quite piercing all the way through the meat to create a butterfly. Butterflied prawns cook super quickly and are perfect for grilling, crumbing and soup. Try butterflied prawns in our Prawn Noodle Soup recipe. https://tropicco.com.au/recipes/prawn-noodle-soup/

Zipper back prawns – Twist off the head of your prawn, then using scissors or a sharp knife, make a shallow cut down the back of the prawn shell. Remove the vein and your prawn is ready to marinate. Try our ripper chimichurri marinate with some zipper back prawns. https://tropicco.com.au/recipes/chimichurri-prawns/

Prawn meat – Using a fully peeled prawn, simply cut your prawn up into pea size pieces to fool any seafood fearing family members into loving prawns. Prawn meat is a great way to add flavour and offer value, give it a crack, and try our prawn dumpling recipe. https://tropicco.com.au/recipes/prawn-dumplings/

Good raw tiger prawns should be a glossy, translucent black-green colour, their shells should be intact and should have a subtle clean ocean smell. If the smell is overpowering or unpleasant, they are likely becoming spoiled and not recommended for eating. Raw tiger prawns are should be stored in a sealed container in the coldest part of the fridge.

Experience the deliciousness of raw tiger prawns for yourself and try one of our delicious Tropic Co Aussie Tiger Prawn recipes.